Beth's Dossier

3D graphics became an interest of mine when I started playing with a program of my husband's called Ray Dream Studio. It didn't take long to become hooked. I enjoyed drawing as a child and later took a few classes from a local artist, but 3D computer programs are what truely give my ideas depth.

I use Ray Dream Studio, Poser, Detailer, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint regularly in the creation of my images and occasionally Bryce, Painter and CorelDraw.

Don's Dossier

My artistic endeavors began as a boy in the mid-sixties with classes at Sara Brown's  portrait studio in Buckhead, GA. Her instruction led me through charcoal and into acrylic. A few years later my family relocated to Rome, GA where I wandered into self study with the exception of typical high school art classes and participation in minor local events and competitions. My diligence earned me an honorable mention or two and as many sales.

I continued the natural progression of self study into oils through military service managing to sell a fair number of paintings. Exiting the service I remained in Manitou Springs, CO to paint landscapes and memorabilia for the tourist trade and eat brown rice for a year or two.

Returning to Rome my interests turned to photography and I entered the Art Institute of Atlanta. This period ended with the divorce of my first wife and a two year hermitage in the woods. By a miraculous twist of fate I met my current wife and soul mate. Unfortunately the necessity of earning a proper living forced my artwork into more or less hobby status.

In the mid-eighties my brother in law gave us a Commodore 64 and I discovered computer graphics. The unlimited potential rekindled my artistic desires. Upgrading to a PC I discovered 3D where my wonderful wife and I have become totally engrossed.